New bike for you Spook?

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New bike for you Spook?

Post by FZRDude »

There are some who call me........Tim?
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Re: New bike for you Spook?

Post by kiwi60 »

This is insane - I WANT ONE !!!!!!
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Re: New bike for you Spook?

Post by djalbin »

I'm waiting for Kawasaki to announce the HP for the street version. Speculation is somewhere around 250 HP.
No speculation yet on price.
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Re: New bike for you Spook?

Post by spook »

We think properly prepped as the rules allow, it would be good in the right conditions for around 250 mph. In the Production frame-production engine class (when the street version comes out) :crazy:

As far as the ZX-14 goes, two years on, we still hold the outright production class record here in Australia, and the worlds fastest recorded record on salt in the P-P 1650 class in the world.

It is likely Kawasaki Australia and myself will go LSR again! :thumbup:

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Re: New bike for you Spook?

Post by sickle44 »

do I hear and New Land Speed Record Attempt to coming there Ralph?

Holy Crap that thing's sweet!!
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