cool air intake

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cool air intake

Postby flyingcircus68 » Fri Apr 12, 2002 8:51 pm

yamaha has for the most part been resistant to join in the ram air intake set up. This in it self is not really a short coming since streets don't lend themselves to top speed blasts. Ram air systems have the benefit of being cold air induction systems. The performance of a non ram bike seems very dependent on ambient temperature. A cool day allows the bike to run with very little heat build up under the tank were the bike grabs air. On hot days, the temp under the tank gets obscenely hot, affecting the fuel/air ratio. since it is impracticle to jet for daily temp variations, I have constructed a cheap thermal barrier which is very effective at keeping induction air cool. This barrier is constructed of foam backed self sticking aluminum duct wrap that you can get at home depot. Buy a roll, cut a section off, stick it to it self to double it up with foil on both outer edges, and press it into the cavity defined by your engine and frame, without carbs. cut the holes in for carbs and other necessary features and insert this barrier in. You will find that perfromance does not degrade on warmer days as it did prior to the mod. <p></p><i></i>

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