Another "How To post Pics"

The say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at what the other EXUP Worldwide members ride, or post your own pride & joy. Please use your submission point, or post your own link.
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Another "How To post Pics"

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I just thought I'd post this up here as well as really this is probably where this should belong. Not tryin' to take any wind out of your sails at all there Tim.
sickle44 wrote: Tim already has a post that's not so disimilar to this one but I'll be getting into the details of things a bit deeper. I apoligize if at any point it seems I'm undermining your knowledge, that is not my intention at all as of course, I don't know you at all. I also thought I'd post it in public as well as many people it seems still have issues with the photos.
Here's Tim's bit on how to post pics:

Ok so firstly you have to set up an account for yourself at photobucket.
Here's a link for their registration page which is free ,once you've submitted a good user name and password, you'll more than likely have to give a bit more gratuitous personal info and then Bob's your Uncle, you're a member.
K now that you're logged in you can begin to post pics to your account which will stay there until you delete them or piss someone off at PB. Photobucket is really quite a great bit of software as you can do quite a bit with it while not taking up any room on your own machine. Assuming you've got the pics you want to load to photobucket on your own harddrive.(Notice that to the direct right of where it says "Upload Images and Video" and to the "Choose Files" button there are four radio buttons. These radio buttons tell you where Photobucket is going to go looking for the photos once you press choose files)
So, again assuming you are going to load pics from your computer, and that the radio button in photobucket is on My Computer, go ahead and press the button "Choose Files" you now need to navigate to where you'd like to download the pics from.
Once you've got to the folder that contains your pics, you can begin selecting pics, you can choose more than one at a time, as long as you press your ctrl key down while selecting the next photo if choosing more than one.
Now that your desired pics are highlighted, press, "open". Photobucket will now take some time to load your photos and preview them to you while also giving you the opportunity to give them a title, description, or a tag.
If you choose to add any of these features it is important for you to scroll down and press, "save and continue" Even after you've left that first preview page to the next, album view, you can still add a title and edit the pic if you like so don't worry about adding any of that stuff right away.
Sorry that I won't be getting into any of the higher functions of photobucket as it is rather extensive as already said.
You should now be viewing your photo in a size about twice as large as a regular thumbnail and there will be several options surrounding the thumbnail, most importantly underneath the pic you will see these four categories of things underneath your picture
At the very bottom of the pic there's a tag that says IMG code, that's the code you want to copy and paste into the message body you are writing. You can do this by the usual right click and copy or use ctrl C to copy and ctrl V to paste. To know whether or not you've got it right, you can press preview while doing up your post and it will show.
You should be aware that if you ever delete the pics you have links to in photobucket that all those links will now not show up anymore. The idea of using a link is to ease up on all the room photos would take by storing them on someone else's server. Hence the reason the brotherhood uses photobucket.
And now hopefully that we've got that all settled will you just look at these absolutely gorgeous machines. UNBELIEVABLE as well that Beemer is making this machine, truly, they are going to start taking sales away from the Japanese makers and the Italians. WOW!!!
I would really start drivin' "Customs" if mine looked this, I'm embarressed to say I've never even heard of these machines until I came across the article in CW
Yes Yes I know, I said, I'm building a project YZF1070, K. Well you mix two kids a WCB appeal, bringing a BMW 850i up to snuff & then some, mix in a little depression and .......

K, Yeah, I know excuses are just like a,holes; everyone's got one
I will be starting some day??.

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