89 FZR1000 race in OZ incl buildup

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89 FZR1000 race in OZ incl buildup

Post by ZoltanP » Fri Dec 21, 2012 6:54 am

The original report is on my own website;

http://www.retroracing.com.au/post/Team ... trail=15#6
there's a video from the onbike camera too there

Posted 09/19/12
after putting the brake on the 1000 in the 750 project when this 89 1000 came over at the right price, there's still lots of work to be done:

the exhaust pipe needs to be redirected and resized down from the huge tgruckpipe someone put on this set of headers and tucked up tighter.
wiring needs to be raceprepped.
fairing headlight hole sorted or a race fairing purchased.
same for rear seat.
rear shock is likely going to be a zx10r. i read they are the best replacement, so i've got one coming for a test.
forkseals need replacement
needs a proper sharkfin under the swingarm.
new pads.
luckily it already has braided lines.

Posted 10/04/12 #2
well, after some stuffing around with the cooling system piping, i have progressed. I am not running a thermostat, and didn't have the correct tubes from the waterpump nor from the head, so i used the fz750 ones and cut and shut stuff at work. i had to redirect the top pipe to point to under the frame at the radiator top tube, which i have a 90' elbow on it. I'll post some pics asap..

I have decided to have the exhaust collector box will need to be removed and i have removed a fair bit, waiting to go to the exhaust guy down the road to have the collector cut off and have the pipes joined into dual tubes again joined into 1, making a 4-2-1 system..

for now, i've gotta put the new oil filter on, reseal the forks, find a rear chock for it, make racewiring from the loom... do something with the fairing and rear seat ...

but i will hopefully fire it up this weekend.

i've gotta measure the geometry and weights etc. I've done this to a std fz750 as well as the raceone, : axleheights, swingarm height, forkangle relaxed and with rider, steering head heights, rear frame height, swingarm length, axle-axle, shock data, length, spring rate etc. weight on front, rear, etc. I'll post it sometime...

Posted 10/14/12 #4
whoo hoo! she's alive! well sorta. hotwired the cdi and coils and starter motor, and it ran on 2 cylinders only as i have to trick the cdi to think it's full of juice and reserve is on and the sidestand is up ... then it will fire on 4. but it's progress.
then to complete the race loom into handlebar switches etc. and the rest.
still, should be right for the nationals...

Posted 10/26/12 #5
ok, wiring is finished, fuel pump system is alive, i am taking him (not her) to get the custom headers prepped this sunday, then retaking him next sunday to get it installed. In the meantime forks etc, no worries. Still waiting for the shock, and good luck getting onto the dyno and a run.

Posted 12/04/12 #1
Hi guys. Well, what a month! Decision was made to do the 2012 Australian Championships a couple of months ago, and I’ve been slugging away at it in the garage.
Of course I had some help from friends from fellow team RR members:

Martin Ball, chief instigator; Danny Deste, chief spares officer; Graham Allot, international Team RR racer; Greg Bones, chief fibreglasser; Paul Dunno, chief tyre supply officer; Darren YogiBear, chief suspension supplier; daughter Sienna for letting me play in z garage so often,

Wife Vanessa at Hourglass Photography for her ongoing support through stormy racing waters;



Justin at
for supplying the tyrewarmers 3 years ago: they still work!

John at Hyosung Parts Australia at Cardiff for letting me borrow some stuff to test fitting.
Thanks to the PCRA of NSW also, including The Fab Jan Blizzard, Race Secretary.


I worked on the bike on thursday all day, off work, with Bones fibreglassing, even having to go around the lake to get a couple of tyres from Paul, and bought a set of organic pads.
Then back to the garage and worked till 3am, went to bed, got up at 5.30am and packed up with graham packing his bike n stuff. Graham drove off at about 6am and by 7am I just had to drill a few holes that I forgot to do, then off I went to Eastern creek, about 1.5 hrs away. Getting there in the rain, I went through scrutineering and had to change wheels and put wets on the rims, so it wasn’t ready until just before lunchtime, missing first practice.

Q1: I then went out in the rain in the first qualifier on wets for my first in-anger-on-wets ride on a freshly built bike I’d NEVER ridden! My experience in setting a good basic geometry, suspension settings etc worked out, the bike felt awesome! I almost got my knees down in the wet! The new wiring, fueling system, ignition-on switches, etc all worked well. I even got a nice long powerslide in the wet, controlled, no highside, as I pressed to feel the limit of the tyres.
Q2: Checking the bike over showed no dramas, so i got ready for the 2nd qualifyer. It was only drizzling a little with damp to patchy bituman, so i kept the wets on as there wasn’t time to change anyway. But when we lined up to go there was a long HOLD IT as they cleaned up an oilspill at T2-T3. by the time we sat around the track had almost completely dried and the drizzle stopped, and here i was on full wets, as were half the blokes. So I figured I’ll treat them in my mind as soft qualifiers and get only 2 flying laps in before they went off. So out I go and it’s on rails in the dry! I kept pushing to feel the bike, waiting longer and longer to turn into T1 at 250kph, finding my scared limit after I went through for the 2nd lap, and choosing to stand up and not go into T1, using the old dragway start escape road. That’s OK, I was only gonna do 2 laps anyway to save the tyres.

Turned out i qualified 10th! I was happy with that given all factors incl the talent and machinery at the pointy end, as you’d expect at an Australian Championship! There was: Mick Doohan’s FZR1000, an OWO1, a GSXR1100, championship winning GSXR750, a laprecord holding GpZ900R, a setup fast FZR1000, and an RC30 and a championship winning VFR750: mostly ridden by A-B graders! I hadn’t raced at the Creek for 2 years, hadn’t been ona bike since I won the F750 series 12 months ago, just built the bike: So top 10 first out: gotta be happy with that! (of course I’ll be happier when I get faster )

Checking the bike over shoed one of the two chain cliplinks a little loose with both safety wires gone. Now I know many don’t like using clips and prefer pressed links, but in 20 years I have only lost one clip and never actually had a chain come apart. This is more than many can say and I have seen lots loose their chain. ALL of them had pressed links. So I doublewired the links and they were still there at the end of sunday.
Other than that, apparently I got a cloud of smoke at the end of the straight for one lap only, said my old mate Roger Quinlan, running in to see what blew up: Nothing! The plastic chain guard had been rubbed on by the expanding tyre at the end of the straight, as did the battery box, which had ample clearance to the tyre in situ after being tilted back to make room for the new zx10R shock’s titled reservoir, but had also been touched by the expanding tyre at speed! No dramas, the chain guard was removed (not required anyway) and the battery box had made it’s own clearance!
I did have a problem with the clutch though: not slipping, but not getting full release, making it hard to get neutral. There must have been air in the line ... live with it for now.

I managed to help Graham with his abike a little too. He had crap in his fuel filter, which is fine as that’s what it’s for, and it didn’t affect the bike. However he felt that his main original fuel tap, which had been not completely open, was starving him, so the bike went back home on sat night to get that ripped apart and reset on constant flow, removing the internal reserve tube in the tank. The other thing I had to do was improve the fairing positiong a little with 2 extra moutns, which I made from stuff in the spared box, a drill and some bolts. All was well again. Also made a mounting for the GoPro, mounting it to the tripleclamp.

Support race 1 was a bit of a non event as I missed the start and had to start from pitlane! Steve Leembruggen was next to us with a bit of a team and as we couldn’t hear the announcements at the carports due to Eastern Creek’s shocking audio system, we were watching Steve and we were ALL late! Some fun was had catching up to guys and passing, so i just laughed and passed it off to experience...

Championship Race 1:
Got the air out of the clutch mostly by tipping the bike over the side and pumping the lever: it worked! The marshalls from pit lane did come running when they looked up to see me holding the bike up on it’s side, thinking i was about to drop it! Thanks anyway guys!
Went out and dropped the clutch, and made some moves, ending up at the head of the 2nd pack, running 8th, with a jumpstart penalty for one of the other chaps moving me to 7th. bike went well. I’d been gradually changing spring preloads and shock settings between outings, as well as tyre pressures, and was starting to get more feel on the bike, making it softer.
Champ R2: Sunday morning, lined up again, and got a similar result with an 8th. A good run, working on getting my eye back into it and being smoother.

Feature Race2: Well, you’d think I was a dumbass. So we start getting ready, Steve says ‘not not yet mate, next race’ . So by the time I paused, checked the program, had a look at the bikes coming back in, we both missed the start AGAIN! Lucky it was a support race only! This time I wasn’t happy and will have to do some serious editing of the GoPro footage, taking out the things I said while waiting! Just to add insult to Steve's day, apparently he stalled coming out of pit, forgot to put his foot down and fell over, scratching the pristine 851 Ducati! Anyhow, same deal: cut through some, have some fun, catch some guys...passed fellow TeamRR member Graham only to overshoot T2 a little and watch him zip through of course, but I regained that position by T6. As far as waiting for others: I sure learned a lesson. That’s only the 3rd time in 20 years of racing that I had to start from pitlane!

Thanks for Ray Oxford and Thumper for sharing their fab pics! There are more pics on Ray Oxford’s album

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Re: 89 FZR1000 race in OZ incl buildup

Post by spook » Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:30 pm

Zol, great write up. Sometimes the clutch gripping can be a lack of oil getting to the inside plates. Have you done the factory pro oil mod to this one?

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Re: 89 FZR1000 race in OZ incl buildup

Post by ZoltanP » Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:57 pm

no mate, not yet. it's on the cards to pull it apart and clean the plates to start with. there's no slipping, so they perform well, just don't release well, that's as you say either not enough oil or dirty plates, had it before on other bikes when they have sat around for a while. Don't worry mate, the list of mods is there..just not the time... :cry:

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