For you guys that have done track days...

Track days, professional racing, amateur racing, or racing in general. Post it here!
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For you guys that have done track days...

Post by orionburn »

I'm officially scheduled to do my first track day on August 9th at Gingerman Raceway in Michigan. I joined NESBA awhile back and have read through the riders manual. My question is exactly how picky are they when it comes to tech inspection? I'm on the fence about which bike to take. Originally I planned on taking the Bandit, but may take the FZR if I can get off my ass (and find the time) to work on it. I don't have a ton of things to do to it. Mainly replacing old fluid lines that have worn out over the years. The wiring is ok on the bike, but doesn't look the best. Clutch & brake lines are good. No fork problems that I know of. Nothing is terribly "bad" on the bike. It's the simple fact my bike is 21 years old and obviously has a lot of wear.

I may end up prepping the Bandit anyway to be safe in case the Fizzer fails tech, but money is becoming an issue and will probably need to put new rubber on the Bandit by then. Something I'm not sure I can swing right now since I'm in the process of trying to buy a trailer. Any info for you guys with experience is appreciated.
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Post by kiwi60 »

Gidday Orion,

Ahh - the addiction is about to kick in - once you've started riding track days, road riding seems a little bland in comparison!!!!

Down here they don't have tech inspection for track days, but I assume that if there having an inspection it would be similar to our race inspections.

Basically they are looking for components that could fail during use - worn brake line, or are out of adjustment, like steering head bearings, or dangerous components - like brake lines rubbing on the wheel.

Check the rule book to see if they mention safety wiring sump drain plugs and oil fliters, this shouldn't be an issue on track days, but your rules will be different to ours.

If your bike is in road worthy condition you shouldn't have a problem.

My advise is take the FZR for the first time, relax and RIDE AT YOUR OWN PACE - believe me, this piece of advise is the best you will ever get as I have seen more than a few people try to be a GP champ only to come back to the pits with a bent bike.

I did my first few track days on the FZR in std condition with no problems.

I've always wanted to give my SV1000 a run on the track, but the thought of having an 'off' has kept it on the road.


I always try to find a rider who's just a little faster than me and follow them around to learn their lines. Some of the best guys to follow are the 125 GP guys, their corner speed is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One track day a few years back has led to some of the best times I've ever had on bikes and I highly recommend it.

Have Fun
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Post by YZFRob »

If its for B group, just make sure theres no obvious leaks, good tires and lights taped up or removed.

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Post by stan »

for the times i have taken a road bike into a track, i taped up the speedo also,

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Post by sickle44 »

Hey Nate,

I'd honestly take the time and $$ to prep the fzr correctly. By the sounds of it, it's just sittin' and the Bandit is being used. I'm not sure about your race track but up here tech can be fairly wishy washy depending on what class is being raced. However, if you plan on ever getting into any serious tracking, tech becomes far more instringent, where case sides have to be the special high wearing kind, bolts have to be wired. Definitely no mirrors, lights, and especially no antifreeze for coolant, it's either water wetter and water or just good old H2O straight up.

It's kinda very cool having a dedicated rat bike for racing as eventually you will go down at the track and normally get right back up again, how easy you can manage to pull your bike back up again and keep going really depends upon how well you prepair your machine. Hence, I recommend the FZR and definitely not the Bandit. Ask yourself this question, which one will I not mind sliding down turn number 3 and hitting the sand/gravel trap. Something else you may want to consider is this, selling the FZR and picking up an FZR400, CB1, RD400, RZ350 (sorry for the Honda endorsment but....) or something of the high revving lower displacement light rice burner bikes. Of course if you've got huge long straights on your track this might be a bad suggestion but... There's a definite reason why most racers start on stuff that's smaller.

Heck a brand new Ninja250 is only $3500 for you guys. If it was a 400 I'd probably be in, and even still I'm thinkin' about that 250. It's for my wife, yeah, that's it!! :poke :banana
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