Lever interchangability?

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Lever interchangability?

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Just wondering if anyone knows what years of levers are interchangable. I have a 88 FZR1000, i know theres lots before that year that will work including vmax, fj, fz etc but are there any later models that work for example 90's exups, im looking at a set online, thanks
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Be very careful here, even a 1/2mm can make the difference between a new lever and a trip over the bars when the brakes lock. I know from experience that a YZF1000 lever will cause an early R1 to crash. I caused it to happen :cry:

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Post by sickle44 »

Get a set of those shorty levers dude,

If not, I'd sell you my 92's for cheap as I'll be getting a set of the shorty levers myself most likely and the project 1070 is getting different levers altogether

Where were you for the clutch buy by the way, didn't see you around the site at that time. Falicon might still have some btw if you're interested.
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