Back tyre slidding...

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Back tyre slidding...

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Over the past 20 months I have been racing my FZR750, and as I have a 18 inch rear rim; the choice of tyres is a little limited.

I have a Bridgestone BT014 on the back which is a great tyre, but always started to slide around a bit coming out of the slow corners towards the end of a race.

Not a major hassle but it was causing me to loose time and sometime a place or two in the final lap.

At last weekends race meeting I decided to experiment a little...

The weather was overcast, cool, but dry.

For the first race I set the pressures to my usual settings: 30psi front and 31psi rear.

Situation normal, sliding rear on the last lap and a half on a 6 lap sprint race.

Second race: 30psi front and 36psi rear.

Voila - no sliding and full control all race (plus great lap times).

Seems the rear tyre was overheating and sliding with the lower pressure, so I'm now taking a lot more notice of what the bikes telling me, and if your experiencing the same problems - try 3 or 4 psi more and see what difference it makes.

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Re: Back tyre slidding...

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Yo Graham, I know this is an old post but the Bridgestones don't need to be run at lower pressures like some other tyres, just a couple of psi less than normal, same for the front.

I have this on very good authority.

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