Thundersport Series UK

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Thundersport Series UK

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Hi all it has been a long while since i last posted!

hope your all keeping well and snapping up the worlds stock of YEC items!

Just want you to update you all that my brother in law ( ex W.S.B and B.S.B spanner man ) has seen one of his bikes come 2nd in the attached link! the race can be viewed on Motors TV here in the UK titled Thundersport!

The race is the RST Golden Era Superbike series and is mentioned in the last paragraph of the link: ... shire-cats

If you do get chance to view the race in the programme please do as the commentators are raving on about the bike, the race was won by an Aprilia RSV but was being chased by a kawasaki 7X7RR for the majority of the race, then in the last couple of laps the YZF caught it and left the ZXR standing, the rider angelo reckons another lap or so and he would have had the aprilia, the bike was using some belgarda ( ex W.S.B ) internals. I will get pictures of the race from the programme and post them up.

It was like watching an old B.S.B race! ha ha!

He has just sold three of his bikes to a collector and they are going to germany to another collector including this bike and associated belgarda items, and a full complement of kit/ factory parts. He still has Niall Mckenzies cadburys boost bike and also a race owo1 which has seen good outings. I believe he is going to buy a Virgin R7 ( possibly ex hislop ) and will have three generations of superbikes!

Hope you are all keeping well anyway!

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